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Security Consultants. Protecting companies, corporations, organizations and institutions.
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Need a speaker for your event or civic organization? I have a list of prepared presentations covering a wide variety of subjects. Have a look at the possible subjects or ask if I can prepare a presentation just for you.
International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) have been trained to find solutions to breastfeeding challenges. Lisa will take the time to thoroughly examine your breastfeeding challenge and work with you to find solutions that fit with your life situation.
There is much to consider before buying land, begining infrastructure, selecting species or starting an agricultural business. I offer consulting services - the first step, always, is determining what you really want...
To save time and money use this Pre-plan and this checklist before you hire me to help you complete your plan and begin your journey.
Zimbo's Beef
Zimbo sells bulk 'freezer beef' to concerning families that care about what they eat, who choose to support local business and who care about sustainable agriculture.

The beef is local, pastured, grass-fed, corn free, grain free, GMO free, hormone free and anti-biotic free.

Beef is sold in 1/4 animal increments by hanging weight. For more info go here.
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